Terms & Conditions

We always endeavour to ensure customer satisfaction

Easy Automotive come to you at home or work so there is no call out charge unless you mis-describe the damage. So we do need to ask you about your damage first so we can make sure it is likely to be repairable so we do not waste our time or your money. As you can tell we are not one of those companies that is tied up in politically correct legal jargon and reams of unreasonable clauses in tiny print, but we do have a few common sense rules that help us to help you. If you and your insurer or account operator have authorised us to do so we will seek payment of our fee directly from your insurer or account operator on your behalf and you hereby authorise us to do so. If, for what ever reason (including, for example, where we have Indicated to you on behalf of the insurer that your claim will be paid by the insurer) your insurer or account operator refuses to pay, you will be liable for our fee.

We need to get into the car to affix a magnifying mirror on the inside of the screen and heat and cool the glass so we are unable to work without getting into the car. You need to tell us what chips you want doing so we can give you an accurate price. A Re-repair, large or contaminated chip may be structurally repaired if you wish and these repairs are fully chargeable regardless of any cosmetic imperfection.

All windscreen chip repairs are done using our own 12 volt supply. Scratch polishing needs a 240v supply so we will need to plug our extension lead in somewhere. Some mess is caused by polishing which is removable with water, however we will NOT clean your car after we have worked on it as we may be blamed for damage on your cars paintwork that you may not previously have been aware of.

Please pay by cash or cheque at the time of the job. We do not take cards. We retain title to the resin until it is paid for in full. If we bill your insurer then you are liable for the job if they do not pay us. You are responsible for ensuring that you actually have insurance cover for your screen. Unfortunately we do not accept any liability for already damaged glass that we are working on. All work is attempted at the customers risk. If any glass cracks we do not earn any money so we do our utmost to repair it for you successfully to a high standard, however sometimes a screen can be under hidden stress which is not apparent.

The statistical possibility of cracking is about 1/750. We always endeavour to ensure customer satisfaction however if there are aspects of our service you wish to complain about please telephone 08452242945 or write to Customer Services, Easy Automotive Ltd, Work space, All Saints Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV2 1EL.